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even... even more d&d characters.........................

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He got featured on the front page and 2 people said he was handsome!!

Love to see improvement over a year!

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last art for 2020!

Me: idk what everyone sees in Zhongli
Me, gets Zhongli: well, lets try him i Guess
Me, after a few days: omg i love u u old fart

[ID: Fanart. A digital artwork depicting Zhongli from Genshin Impact. He stands facing the viewer in a firm posture. He holds Vortex Vanquisher in his left hand and points it down to the side. With his second hand he supports a dragon mask to make sure it doesn't fall behind his head. The mask stretches with a long tail behind his back and envelopes through the ground. The artwork is in yellow, orange and brown tones. The background is gold illuminating from behind Zhongli and brown dust rising around him. End ID]

Artwork for my wife of her OCs! The girls are reading, and Patience is just. Happily zoning out in the dark with a pie.

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I LOVE Holiday miracles!!

I was hording this sketchbook until i could find a replacement becuase i absolutley love the paper in it and found more a few months ago :D was going through the filled pages and found this old study page I did some time in 2019

My mann

Ok so yeah, I'm gonna try posting on here, but I can't remember what I've already done so bear with me

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Araphoe County Fair

redbubble | carrd

happy new years you guys ! sorry for falling off the face of the earth, i've been having a lot of executive functioning issues and kind of hating the miserable toil of being alive and yet having nothing to do. i keep starting projects that go nowhere and that's been a well of infinite frustration as well, so it's just kind of been a lot of ... nothing

here's to 2021, and here's hoping things will change for the better from here <3

Happy New Year 2021

2020 was a terrible year for the Porter sibling. With the whole pandemic, politics and other kerfuffle going on around the world. They are ready to ditch 2020 for in hope for better year.

new year, 01.01.21

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2020 Art Summary

Happy New Years! Lost art steam midway this year, but I think I did manage to make some good art in 2020. Here’s to 2021.

undertale (+ deltarune) doodles

The Swedish Brig Tre Kronor at the Scarlet festival, St. Petersburg

Trevor holding Cow

Thing for hyenagender! Of their character Trevor holding a cow plushie!

Art by me Neil Problematic
Trevor Maurice belongs to Johnny Luther

My commissions are open!! Please check them out

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sooo this is my 3rd (or 4th?) year in a row of an annual tradition of painting self portraits on the 1st of every year! this one is definitely my proudest yet, but i've included the others (+ a few bonus ones from in between, normally done as part of school projects or art challenges!) under the cut

september 2020- something speedpainty. i think this is one of the closer ones i've gotten to my actual face up until now! it was late at night, i'd just gotten done sewing, but the way the lights and mirror are set up in the attic makes my face look super skeletal and gaunt when it's like 2 AM and i'm still up there trying things on. i came downstairs and in a tired fervor wanted to capture a bit of that and then pass out.

february 2020- part of an art challenge. honestly kinda hate it now, there's not enough contrast and the colors are a bit wack and idk what's happening with that nose lol

january 2020- i'd been testing out some new art techniques but also my face is far too wide here. some of the shading is still cool ig and i have cycled back to some of these techniques more recently!

november 2019- i was in a class abt meditation and self-reflection and some other shit. one project was doin an art project based on personal symbolism, meditation, dreams, etc. this is what mine ended up as.

january 2019- uhh yea this was from when i still didnt paint that much and was testing new stuff idk why i made myself so shiny i think i was compensating for not knowing how to do a lot of other things

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dug up some old sketches and edited them a bit~

Chili Pepper (fire boi), and Croissant (spider gorl)! They baby uwu
I need to develop them more tho hah-

anyway like- I got another art piece to post. It has a transparent background though I made a non transparent version due to complications on twitter. So I'm probably gonna post the non transparent version to play it safe? idk.

Here's the second post! Just some fighting poses since I need to practice poses more :v
featuring two skeletons that are stronk :0

Their names are P (aka Poor!Pep) and Tang. y'all might've seen Tang before, though I will say that he again doesn't belong to me but to my best friend. I thought he would fit well with this pose practice considering he's an army man that can do hand to hand combat. While P is here cuz he fights too, since his universe sucks and lots of monsters fight there.
I used martial arts pics as references since those are pretty good fighting refs-

Art Summary 2020

oof, this was... definately a year BUT i'm feeling optimistic that i'll have more energy this year ^^

heres a quick art comparison thing i didnt do on new years proper! ive at least started to draw actual scenes instead of "person standing vaguely somewhere"

first image is from january 2020, second is from december 2020