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Commission for @Slyan132 of some siblings and their dog after a long day.

Little chibi of my sona I'm using over on my twitch stream when I do games!

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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every time i draw him my power grows

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Last (for now) but not least, this is Sheridan! They are a lirg trokaz that was made to replace Daron's old story.

They’re one of the few lirg trokai in existence on Astroria, and one of the unfortunate ones to have been uncovered by an explorer. They have a pact with Daron that she will not reveal them to other people, and in exchange has Sheri’s permission to scour and salvage from the decrepit labs that they’d otherwise defend by any measures. As a trokaz, they have been alive for multiple generations, and understandably want to prevent people from bringing back the technology that put them in this circumstance.

The flowers that grow on their vines are the red variant of Rispere flowers! On the rare occasion that a blue one blossoms, they get rid of it as soon as they notice it.

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Tachyon is one of the oldest characters I have for Astroria! They don’t have their left arm on in this one (mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to draw their hand at that angle…)

They’re a mechanic and prosthetic designer who lives in Xeol! Tachyon has prosthetics of their own, but they mostly make the parts of them to be used and assembled by other people. They designed their visor with the help of Siras, a childhood friend of theirs. They also trusted him to install it for them, as it’s connected to their occipital lobe.

Even though their prosthetic arm isn’t pictured here, it has compartments to store some of tools that they use for their work.

Huevember Day 24: Tilu

dang their hair is usually blue but this green is really growing on me :0

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Hex Girls

Some fanart :)

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Background image is mine ♥

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MY COMPUTER WORKS AGAIN which is really exciting! ended up drawing good ole ,,, yat vantir

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Sage, Paprika, and Sable. My autumn kids. Very fond of doodling them lately.


Time: 3~4 hours

Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: espeon
Resources: n/a

Music Vibe: I'm Your Slave by Ken Ashcorp

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commission for a friend! you can get one of those too.

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Julian Reference

[Here's Julian! He's companions with another Vaniwisp I have named Ivory!]

"I've not seen a lot in Aermerea yet, but I know that there's a great life waiting for me and Ivory."

Basic Info

Name: Julian Fennian
Nicknames: Jule
Age: 22
Birthday: December 31st
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Biromantic, Bisexual
Height: 5'4" | 163 cm
Species: Species: AmoraPuff
Job: Companion to Ivory Idian


-Tail Balloon: Circle-Common
-Tail Charm: Circle-Uncommon
-Tail Item: Rabbit Plush-Common
-Ears: Gold Gradient Cotton-Uncommon
-Wings: Small-Common
-Perky Tail
-Single Loop Bow
-Ribbon Curls Topper

Powers: Flight


Likes: Wines, champagne, soft blankets, suits, bowties, and playing music
Dislikes: Sharp objects, sand, rainy days, and heights

Personality: Julian is a giggly and sweet kind of guy, one who wants to make everyone around him happy. He's especially about making his companion happy, and loves her dearly. He's reliable and responsible, knowing how to own up to his mistakes and making sure to be there no matter what. He's honest, sweet, and very brotherly to those he cares about. He's also a very energetic little guy, one who can't be slowed down by much. He's creative, coming up with new things to surprise his friends with all the time.
The downside of Julian's nature is that he can be oblivious to when others aren't feeling well, and he doesn't always know what to say when he realizes this. He doesn't always take social queues well and doesn't always pick up on certain things like sarcasm. He also tries to force himself to seem fine when he's not and he tends to bottle up how he's feeling. He becomes aloof when not feeling good, only because he doesn't want anyone to worry about him. Overall, he just needs to learn that being unwell sometimes is okay.

History: A bunny plush was left at an old building that was set to be demolished. The girl who once owned the bunny loved it dearly and had left it behind after a party, hence its mask. The feelings from the former owner fueled its transformation into an AmoraPuff. He left the building after his coming into the world and named himself Julian. He wandered for a while, learning what he could about Aermerea. One day, while watching an ice skating show, he noticed one of the skaters left the show and he followed her. A Vaniwisp named Ivory. He could see she wasn't well and offered to be her companion and take care of her. The two have been companions for two years now and will always care for each other.


-Julian's favorite kind of wine is pink.
-Julian likes to make little trinkets out of corks from bottles.
-Julian has a collection of various bowties to wear with his suits.
-While some people fear Ivory due to her ice powers, Julian showed now fear around her. This was one of the reasons she actually listened to him and accepted him as her companion.
-Julian's favorite colors are black, white, and yellow.
-Julian's favorite food is cheese ravioli.

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Peabody - doodleboogle

Had more energy for this one than the other ^^

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Commission - Budding Bard

Sketch commission for Twitter

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Acrylic on canvas board

(photo ref used)

Some landscape studies I found from way back. Hoping to do more in the future!

Day 13: Nekomata

woo daily posting
Very glad I had a nekomata design in the wings with Nikko here, even though he’s originally the kwami for my Miraculous OC. He’s a baby, that I tried to make look like a lil shit here >:3c

Huevember Day 12: Luna

more pink today~ c:

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Denver Aquarium

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A baby cotton top tamarin