Every business class I've been to has talked about how focus on keeping long-standing customers satisfied more than focusing on drawing in new customers is oft a more effective business model for any business you intend to keep more than a few years


Hey so it was pointed out to me that this post is being passed around like I made it about waterfall and Thell but it wasn't related to that at all and I'm just back quickly to clarify things.

I was doing homework for my business class when I posted this & it was literally just my train of thought at the time. It *was* what made me remember the discussion in the discord and got me to go back to read everything I missed, which is why it was posted shortly before my other post, but this was made 100% separate from the discussion and is not about my opinion on Thell, who imo is trying decently to balance new vs old user satisfaction, even if I disagree with his direction.

That said a large reason for me leaving now IS related to old user satisfaction; I have been unhappy with waterfall's unclear direction for a while. Almost no features I joined the site for (including the reasons I supported the kickstarter) are to remain in the rewrite, & I have no idea what direction the site wants to go in because there are constant changes of mind & I feel like a lot of new promises keep being made before old ones are fulfilled (or in the case of some, being abandoned), & even though the intentions are clearly coming from a place of good I've seen too many people over-promise before in my life to trust things are going to go as planned.

I was intending to stay because of the community & friends that I really genuinely care about here, but it doesn't seem fully worth it after seeing how things are addressed, because not clearly & concisely addressing the harm that was done to the artist (& other artists who felt like they might be singled out in future) does not give me assurance that this website will remain a comfortable place as it grows bigger.

The last thing I saw in the discord before leaving it was genuine confusion on what was going on with the website- And aggression & lack of patience in response. That is not the community I want to be in and I will not contribute to it anymore.

I genuinely care about you all. Even the people I disagree with or who I think behave poorly sometimes. So please. Just breathe a little. Think about what sort of community you want to foster & if being here is still healthy for you. Make the decision that is best for yourself and your health, even it that is moving on.