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I hate chance because even if there's a 90% chance of success, every time you go into it, it's 50/50 that this time will be the time that fails & that fucks up my head

theres a 50/50 chance that this particular time you are doing something is in the 10% of failures

I got into my old chicken smoothie account lmao. idk what I'm doing I'm really not into it anymore

if anyone here still plays this game & you want any of my pets..... HMU (here, not there, I'm not logging in again unless there's a reason heh)

tw for family violence

Every fucking christmas my extended family has drama but I was NOT expecting tbe drama of 2020 to be attempted fucking murder

I am so so so so SO glad we live in another state what the FUCK

Why does the Surface phone use android & not the windows phone operating system??? Microsoft what the hell were you thinking??????

When you're gay for someone else's OC but you can't say anything coz you don't know them well & it'd be weird but also OOOOOO they are well designed & 100% your type

Ngl I'm a little worried waterfall may shut down or something, with how much trouble thell is having with funding ;; I really am hoping not because its legit my fave social media ever & first social media I've enjoyed enough to give money to since I was like 14

Aaaa I feel so dumb

a teeny tiny spider crawled on my arm & it scared me SO BAD that I slapped myself hard enough to leave a bruise

it was the tiniedt fucking thing but my brain just went NO and my reflex destroyed me

its been over an hour and i can still feel the tingle

So dog groomers weren't allowed to operate because they are apparently "non-essential" & this photoset from our groomer's insta is the perfect example of why they ARE essential

Every day I try & do a little better then before

Sometimes I don't quite get there but that's okay because I can try again the next day :)

Hate that my wisdom teeth are coming in coz my teeth are so compact already... they're coming in at the right angles but are pushing my already tight teeth closer together and its this constant dull ache and bleeding... bleh

mmmmmm worried that my stepdad's mum's gonna die

apparently they didnt want to let her out of hospital but she threatened them until they were forced to discharge her

which is Very Her but also its caused my mum & stepdad SO much stress & she is not doing well

I hate when people cook and turj on the kitchen fan becase it comes through the wall into my room and into my bed and grinds against my teeth and brain




Hate when I see someone for the first time in years & they are like “You look so healthy! Did you lose weight?”

No bitch I *gained* 20 kilos since we last met. The difference is I’m on medication now & I’m not actually literally slowly dying from the inside out anymore.

I'm not physically in the process of dying & if you looked with your EYES instead of your STUPID you'd be able to see that I'm VERY OBVIOUSLY bigger than I've ever been before and that's a GOOD THING!!

tfw you wish for a ""worse"" disability because at least the pain would stop if your legs were completely gone, instead of people telling you to "push through" the agony & refusing to take you seriously because it's "not that bad, you can still walk, right?"

hate that accessibility programs like beeline reader and dyslexic friendly fonts all cost money :))) the disabled tax exists

for real tho disability carers stress me out so much its ridiculous

Man I did not get enough sleep ughhhhh

I've been having a rough time in quarantine for a heap of reasons & I just want to relax for a bit

-I got my hormone meds replaced & they're working differently, still not used to this balance yet (a little concerning)

-Work/money pressure

-Everything is over the phone

-Entire family is immunocompromised & I am terrified for them

-Can't get out of house to excersize, physically cannot do it at hone because disability

-Animals getting hurt/sick & vets are more expensive & have shorter hours

-Groomers legally not allowed to run... dog NEEDS grooming or gets severe medical issues

-Some good friends are no longer friends with each other

-I've been super exposed to disability carers (a major source of abuse & trauma) & literally CANNOT escape them & it keeps making me remember some really awful things

-The carer thing is the worst one

-Literally can't stop thinking about the shit they put me through like hitting us/killing our pets/not feeding us/etc

-Being trapped around people with so much power over me is literally keeping me in panic mode I am so tense AL THE TIME...

Watching new Vs old episodes of the Simpsons & I have to disagree that the reason for it's quality decline is that it's become "too political"

The thing that's lost the charm for me is that the family aren't genuinely doing their best for each other.

old ep: bart, with a broken leg, drags himself across the street to "save" lisa from a neighbour (who he is convinced is an axe murderer)

new ep: lisa goes missing. bart literally couldn't care less and continues doing his own thing

where is the love???

Will i be active again?


Maybe one day there will be a (good) website aimed at writers that doesn't wipe your text formatting when you copy+paste your shit into it

I just. Don't want to have to manually redo my italics. Is that too much to ask??