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I definitively won't be online tmrw so : MERRY CHRISTMAS @UnidentifiedBlog !!

Based on that one text post you made xxx months ago that I preciously kept in my likes because reading it immediately summoned Big Shitpost Energy in my creative process and I knew you'd love it

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my stepdad's mum's in hospital with failing kidneys and heart and she's really not doing well, and I'm hoping she pulls through coz man this sucks for them :(

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In a week

“And they’d find us in a week When the buzzards get loud After the insects have made their claim After the foxes have known our taste After the raven has had his say I’d be home with you, I’d be home with you”

In A Week · Hozier · Karen Cowley

one person on tumblr tagged my previous artwork with this song, and lets just say that i just started to listen to Hozier a lot when before i wouldn't do that at all. Thank you

[ID: Two warm toned digital paintings of Lup and Barry from the Adventure Zone: balance in a background full of flowers. Lup is an elf with brown skin and Barry is a white human in his middle age. They both wear red robes. They lie on the ground and embrace each other tightly. They both face each other with eyes closed and happy calm look on their faces. The second is the same, but bodies changed into skeletons and flowers started to grow on them. End ID]

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[ID: tweet by LMVT Catmin @ LMVTACAB. it reads:

I get all the guillotine jokes. I do. but in a moment of crisis like this, those kinds of jokes are inappropriate and dangeorus. You can't maintain proper social distancing with a guillotine. Be responsible and use RANGED weaponry (at least 2 METER range) per CDC recommendations.

end ID]</div>

Full-Body February: Day 29

Today is the last of the challenge pieces! This was for @losttodreams for his character Freya having a really, really bad day. She fell through the ceiling, died in the fall on a cursed throne, came back as a Wight, caused a bit of chaos, got killed by my Barbarian, and resurrected later by the paladin.

All in all it was a bad day for her. The paladin turned a sphere of annihilation into a child... It was... a wild ride.

Freya had a bad day, is what I'm saying.

Another pose from Senshistock, they are a real MVP.

Going out on a bang here. Next month is Environment studies for the challenge and I am... Terrified and excited.

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A short comic about Schrodinger's Cat. One of my favorite comics I've made.

edit: it appears the last 3 pages have been missing since i uploaded this 2 weeks ago! whoops. now fixed.

edit2: nevermind, that seems to have removed all but 1 of the pages. apparently this is an issue with the site, so i'll wait a week before trying to edit this post again. Sorry!

edit 3: should be good now?? fingers crossed.

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