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babushka asked:

can you explain to me what the cronch in dragon shifting is


short answer; it's a joke on the word "crunch" using a different vowel to make it sound silly, because dragon shifting for Distro usually involves biting things

Longer answer has a mild cw for mentions of fictional death/violence/abuse

Dragon shifting is a magical defence mechanism that foxen women have where if they're in a life or death situation they have the chance of turning into a dragon

When Distro had her first dragon shifting experience it was while defending her adopted son Ka'harja from his abusive biological mother Kay'oten

"The cronch" in the pic is specifically in reference to Distro turning into a dragon and biting Kay'oten and crushing her skull, and in Distro's mind that was a great way to get back at Kay'oten for the really horrible abuse she put Ka'harja through

The second time she dragon shifted she ate the ghost of her stepdaughter's abusive bio dad. He wasn't a physical person at that point and didn't go "cronch", exactly, but it was close enough that Distro still counts it