oh god help me I can't stop world building

hey y’all I like and then queue art posts! So if you get a like but no repour, it’s coz I put it in my queue & it’s coming up later!

also i reblog nsfw but always tag it



About Me:

  • Jade / Jayden

  • Any pronouns work for me (she / he / xie / they / it / etc)

  • Gender Stubborn / Nonbinary / Genderfluid / AFAB

  • 24 years old (Jan-96)

  • Australian

  • Cane user / Reading disorder / Chronic pain / Chronic Fatigue / Memory Problems / Infertile

  • Writer and Artist

Courtesies / Notes:

  • I upload and reblog 18+ content sometimes and will always do my best to tag it. If anything slips through PLEASE let me know!

  • If you message me I'd appreciate knowing if you're under 18

  • Ask before venting to me (sorry, I'm not well & I get sick easy)

  • I will sometimes talk about my hormone supplements. I want to clarify that this is not HRT and sadly I can't give you advice about transitioning; my hormones are treating a different medical issue.

Main Interests:

  • My own work

  • Other people's OCs

  • Flight Rising

  • Pokemon

  • Wings of Fire

  • Minecraft

  • Animals/Anthro/Furries

Other Interests:

  • Animal Crossing

  • Slime Rancher

  • Stardew Valley

  • Neopets

  • Warrior Cats

  • Spore

  • Terraria

  • ARK

  • Elder Scrolls

  • Warrior Cats

  • Marvel / DC / Other stuff like that

  • More that I'm probably forgetting