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Jeez, I really hope her friends show up soon

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Denver Aquarium 

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by Darleena Canania

Dragon Sketch

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When you take a break from reading a fanfic because of school but it updates weekly so now it has 100 chapters


vacation in ectarvin


katiebirdie -


The night wrapped around her shoulders

like a cloak as she waited between the streetlights,

standing where neither’s warm glow could touch her.

She was waiting for a yellow car, she told me,

one with scrapes all along the sides

from a crash long past.

I would have liked to hear the story,

but I had work too soon to stay.

All the walk, however, my mind turned  

and wandered back around to the two streetlights.

It seemed like a painting to me, 

a woman in a red cap and black coat,

watching the street for her yellow car, 

and I wondered who drove it.

A sibling; a friend; a lover?

Man or woman? Young or old?

Were they as cheerful as their sunshine ride,

or a dour soul stuck with a dreadful hue?

I would have liked to see their face,

but I had work to soon to stay.

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people looking at their early writing and being like "i diagnose you with Bad" is like doctors looking at babies and being like "i diagnose you with Gender". dont do that

by Pink Kartefor


Art trade with milkycookiess
Art by me

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"I know. I know you're powerful and unstoppable. But I also know you are only ten years old and you have been through so much. I know you can take on the world by yourself and win. But you shouldn't have to. Not yet. You deserve a brea, to be a kid. You deserve a chance to discover what you're fighting for before you have to go to war again. You deserve to discover the wonder and the magic in the world, not just experience the pain." -- The Boy Who Leaps Through Time [from Clockwork Chroicles book 2, The Boy Who Leapt Through Time]

This was actually part of the trash draft, and because of that I was sure it'd have to be scrapped along with like 99% of the trash draft, but I was wrong! It looks like I'll get to use it after all, and I'm so happy!

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‘Don’t you dare ignore me Da—’ Talia was cut off as Dale put a piece of chicken in her mouth. She frowned as she spat it into her hand and Dale slipped past her into the house. ‘I bloody hate you.’

‘You’re just hungry,’ he replied nonchalantly.

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@rave you have no idea how hard it was for me to resist making “you’re not you when you’re hungry” Dale’s dialogue when I was writing the scene gjfgngjjffhj

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No one: 

Me like once a week: What if I became a musician *does nothing to achieve this goal*

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me every day

The Coin

katiebirdie -


screamed the pamphlet stuffed in my father’s pocket.

Rosencrants and Guildenstern were dead,

and Jim was chewing idly on his pancakes as my father

searched and searched his pockets for a coin, 

as the servers bustled and hurried with hot, greasy food,

as cars flashed by outside in the heavy blanket of night.

A quarter was procured, and he studied it from its place in his palm.

He flipped it, one, twice, thrice. Three times it clattered onto

the half-washed table. Heads, heads, and heads once more.

He laughed (nervously), and began to flip it more. But the story

stayed the same. Heads, heads, heads. Ed looked to Jim,

Jim looked back, unruffled. That was a play, this was real life, he said. 

(Was it?) Ed looked to the other tables. Hadn’t there been

more people before? Hadn’t there? Was he truly Ed? 

Was Jim truly Jim? Which forces were they within? 

Un-, sub-, or supernatural? He flipped the quarter again and again—

seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, 

(EDWARD AND JAMES ARE DEAD, screamed the pamphlet)

fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen—


C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

"More than a hundred Har’pies watched what my brother did to me; only one dared to save my life. Now that I’m mala’kala they try and pretend they’ve always been loyal. … But I know better. Next time you think to defend these kizza kiita makas, you remember that Gala’sha was the only one brave enough to wash my wounds."

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I did a thing

Thing doesn't look bad


My favourite antagonists that I’ve ever written appear in 1 book of a 20~ book series... And it’s not even a book that’s part of the main storyline OTL it’s another character’s backstory

Updated commissions!

Figured I would update my commission price sheet with some more recent art!

Adding an extra character adds to the base price, so keep that in mind!

Same rules as always!


-No gore (mild blood is alright, like the zombie pictured above)

-No complicated mech type characters/objects (ones like something pictured above is alright!)

Message me here or email me at spadedaces0823@gmail.com if you’re interested!

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Whether they stick with this design for her or not, it's canon in my heart

Commissions are open!

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Commission I finished a couple of days ago! I'm pretty happy with this piece. =)

You can commission me as well, and right now chibi commissions are 50% off.



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im a deadbeat artist