oh god help me I can't stop world building

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Hey everyone! I'm Jade/Jayden! I'm LGBT, disabled, and a passion-driven writer and illustrator whose projects are mostly being released for free!

Check out under the read more for more info on each project, or head over to my peresonal website for things such as commission prices.

First off is my world-building project, Demrefor! This project has been my passion for years now.

It's a fantasy universe aimed at an 18+ audience, and you can get updates on its creation by following demrefor on twitter!


My next large-scale personal project is the Kladstone Romance series; a set of 4 books based in the fictional world of Kladstone.

They're mostly lighthearted books, though they sometimes touch on serious/adult themes. A large number of characters, both main and supporting, are LGBT.


I've also finished a really silly screenplay, My Girlfriend is a Seagull.

It's a script about a seagull who steals a cupcake from a wizard and is cursed to turn into a human woman. She then falls in love with a wildlife carer.

There are 2 more scripts in this series planned, but the original stands on its own and the sequels mightn't be finished for a while.


The second series of scripts I'm working on is currently untitled, but is in the late planning stages.

It’s about a woman named Angel who somehow finds herself married to the demon overlord she accidentally freed from 300 years of imprisonment in her kingdom’s deepest dungeon.


Now we go back to my novels for Water-Born! Water-Born is mainly a backburner project written when I get bored of my other projects.

A small spark of life pulls itself free from the ocean, birthing Renismia; a woman made from water who uses a magical cloak to hide her true form.


Next up is the rarely-updated collab I have with my wife, @curripuff (Charlie).

74 Keramine Road is a rarely-updated romcom about a ferret girl furry who moves into a trash house and finds out her housemates killed a dude. Instead of going to the police, however, she ends up dating one of them. ~~~~

I'm also the co-writer for Charlie's project, Ilyris (currently on hiatus). This is one of the few projects I'm currently working on that is intended to cost money.

I handle character designs, editing, rewrites, and help with world-building.

If you want more info you can message Charlie!


Alongside Ilyris, I'm also helping Charlie with her other projects. The main ones being Stranded and The Dregs. If you want any information on them I'd suggest messaging her about them!

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Mazenta from Chimera Heart, for the soul....

(character belongs to @birdysdoodles39)

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artfight attack!! ♥


byproducts from the skin factory!

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August 6 2020

my among us OC

she loves gardening and stickers!

Misc Aurelius doodle dump

Here's a bunch of various doodles I've done for Aurelius!

1. Getting attacked by a rust monster and suffering

2. Him and his childhood friend Darius

3. A funky composition that I'll probably never finish

4. The young Pope redraw lmao. This was from that session where the party spent a day shoping in town and he got a nice magical hat that would let his horns through no problem! The hat made the outfit look very familiar...

nap -

Near the Rio Grande, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I really want to play Among Us but also. I don't want to play with people I don't know

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Concept for arthromanto's little grabbers

naiad -

Denver Zoo

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posted this on twitter but might as well throw it here too

cw ableism

[image text

(1st tweet)

Being autistic afab with autistic brothers be like:

“We’re not going to diagnose her with the autism, like literally everyone else in your family has, because you’ve got it hard enough with 3 autistic kids you don’t need another.”

😩 as if refusing to diagnose me cures me

(2nd tweet)

Btw that’s the LEGIT reason I am not diagnosed.

Not because they didn’t think I showed autistic traits..... because my brothers were also autistic and “4 autistic kids is a bit much, don’t you think?”

Would have been nice... to have not struggled in school bc of accessibility..

(end image text)]

bananna borb

moon -

dreamt i was a witch so i drew it

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Photoshop Practice

Sooo I have photoshop for this semester because of my college -- and I'm probably way too proud of this. I've never been very good at photoediting, and this was just for our introduction with...scaling and skewing and shadows etc. Either way it was super fun so I'm posting this here! I won't have photoshop after this semester lol but I'm going to try and transfer any PS skills over to...whatever free software I switch to later.

(the class is Scenic Design 1, I'm not a scenic designer specifically yet but I'm interested in....every theatrical design area and I'm a stage manager )

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workin on sum stationary paper?


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'nother necromancy boy, i love him to bits
His name is Devon and he is trans


I will carry the Moon for you...

Sailor Moon Space traditionally drawn ending is coming soon!

i feel like it has been forever since i last drew tyrian 🥺


Just some sleepy wolf.

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