oh god help me I can't stop world building

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opportunity -

y is everyone so far into swsh so soon?? 

like take ur time! enjoy exploring! how can so many ppl be near the end game 2 days after release?!


cjadewyton -

I think its because its so fun tbh,, my wife's clocked a good 9-10 hours on SwSh already and I had trouble putting it down (and I was just level grinding, whoops)

so people who aren't into grinding, spending a good solid 9-10 hours having a good time with the story, I can def see how people can beat it so quickly

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greatkingrat -

Thigh highs are just upside down pants send tweet

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art by Jae M., 2019

Just a fuzzy ball of sunshine for your viewing pleasure.

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autumn morning, 28.10.19

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dreadfighter's lucian

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Watch out, boy.

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naiad -

Denver Zoo

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naiad -

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

by Neil Kartefor


Art and Samuel © me!

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C. Jade Wyton || Pokemon

It’s my wife’s Wooloo. Wenf (supposed to be “Wendy” but she was too excited to type properly)

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Emsi Merritt. 2019.

Self Portrait

been a while since i did a self portrait :D


Odd Poses and the Ballet

I honestly just really loved the pose reference I used for this and I HAD to doodle a cookie for it!

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fungus -

gender is a sandbox game. limited tools, unlimited possibilities

fungus -

*mods gender*

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emlynlua asked:

food discourse is part of waterfall culture lmao i hope you know what youve started with ur url

pineappleonpizza -

Pineapple should go on pizza!!!!!

emlynlua -

my bf has spoken yall,,,

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giveaway prize for boombox-hero on tumblr!

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corky asked:

has there always been a gun in ur pfp??? of did i only just notice it 

tiddywife -

yeah it's been there for a few months! it's a dandelion with a badge and a gun >:3c

cjadewyton -

Me, seeing this post and realising there's a gun in your pfp

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Further Unicorn Progress

demoncat13 -

I finished the body and the ears today and am currently stitching it together. 

I'll reblog with the pictures later today or tomorrow, there are a lot of pictures because I've been taking them after each piece has been stitched on.

demoncat13 -

COMPLETE!!! Now for pictures and bonus Mick Aston from Time Team! I was watching Time Team while sewing...

The head(with ears) and body ^

The horn attached plus the body again ^

The mane attached ^

Neck attached plus legs ^

Tail attached ^ As a side note, it would have been better if I had attached the legs first...

Front legs ^

All legs attached ^

Right side ^

Left side ^

Soon to be whole ^

Nearly-Headless Unicorn! ...I couldn't resist ^

Front view ^

Right side view. Hi, Mick ^

Left side view. Hi, again Mick! ^

Back view ^

And a bonus picture of the scissors used for snipping ends. Appropriate, no?

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The Great Fighter, Lia!

Doodle test of my friends DnD character: Lia Skullflower!

All in all, it took about 3+ hours to complete this in Clip Studio Paint but I still think I should be able to do better. :/